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Booly and Dooly the little raccoons are brothers. They live with their mother on a branch of a tree in the forest. Most days, they play fondly together, but sometimes they quarrel a little bit… Usually, they don't mean to quarrel at all, it just kind of happens… This story tells of one of those time … Why did they quarrel? And how did they end up becoming friends again? Beautifully illustrated in water colour, this is a story your children will love and enjoy hearing again and again. If you have two young children or more, who are close in age and therefore quarrel quite a bit, they will love this story even more. Reading this story to them will not only entertain your children, but it will help them 'transform' their quarrel into renewed friendship. In fact, the author can testify to this, because this was how the story was created in the first place… and it really helped her children get over their quarrels!

Booly and Dooly Quarrel and Become Friends Again

52.00 ₪מחיר
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