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Booly and Dooly the little raccoons are brothers. Like all little brothers, they sometimes quarrel but always make peace again. But what happens when Noogy, their little friend, comes over to play with them? Will they quarrel even more? Or will they manage to play affectionately together, all three of them?This story handles a common challenge in families, when three children try to play together but find that it isn't that simple… This is the third book in the series "Booly and Dooly the Little Raccoons". It is based on a real life situation and was created by the author as a way of helping her children learn to play together in harmony even when there were three of them, not just two… Beautifully illustrated in water colour, this story will help your children rise up to the challenge of playing with more than just one friend at a time.

Noogy Comes Over to Play

52.00 ₪מחיר
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