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Babooli the little bulbul bird lives in a garden together with other bulbul birds, who all look very alike. Every day they fly happily amongst the trees and the bushes and chatter merrily. One day Babooli gets very confused… what does he get confused about? And what does he do about it? This is an innocently amusing tale which all pre-school children will enjoy and love. Richly illustrated in watercolour, it will bring bird life and nature closer to your children’s or grandchildren’s hearts. It is inspired by the author’s love of birds and observation of them in her own cherished garden.

Babooli is Confused: A story of a Little Bulbul Bird

52.00 ₪מחיר

    היי, אני בחופשה עד יום ד' ה-10 ביולי, הזמנות ספרים יטופלו מתאריך זה. חופשה נעימה גם לכן ולכם!   --- שלכם, תומר הסופרת והציירת

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