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In the lovely garden behind a red-roof cottage,
There lived a young kingfisher called Sholly.
With dark brown eyes and a chest all white,
And wings blue, bright, beautiful and shiny.
Then early one day, Sholly flew swiftly by –
Across the whole garden, right to the end;
He had something important he just had to share,
To announce to all of his friends.

What makes Sholly so excited? And what happens in the end?
By speaking to children's imagination, these beautifully illustrated rhymes bring to life the special character and experience of the kingfisher and other garden birds; encouraging children to observe mother nature and to love her creatures. This is the third book in the "Bird Stories" series. Young children will just fall in love with this special story.

Sholly the Kingfisher on a Majestic Quest

52.00 ₪מחיר
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