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Booly and Dooly the little raccoon brothers sleep on their tree branch, cuddled up next to their mother. A cute little gnome lives in a little hut under the tree. When Booly comes to visit the gnome, he gives him a gift, which helps him go to his star up in the sky that night. On his way there, held by a lovely fairy, he sees other beautiful stars. What does he see and experience on his own star when he gets there? And how does he fly back down to his brother and mother? This beautifully illustrated bedtime story - the 4th in the series "Booly and Dooly the Little Raccoons" ¬¬- is one your children will enjoy hearing again and again before they fall asleep. It will lead their imagination into the faraway land of the stars we all dreamt of reaching when we were children, and evoke in them a lovely image of waking up again next to their beloved family members when they wake up again in the morning. This will give them a sense of peace and security as they go to sleep, so it is good for all children, and particularly recommended for those who may have fears at night.

The Gnome's Gift: Booly the Little Raccoon Flies Up to his Star at Night

52.00 ₪מחיר
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