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A lovely white heronOnce lived in a meadowRight close to the cow-shed nearby.But rather than stayShe flew far away,From an earth-mound high into the sky.These beautifully illustrated rhymes will go deep into children's hearts. This tale conveys the real and unique relationship between the white heron and the cow, who are inherently bound together by nature. The possibility of true friendships arising unexpectedly takes a real form and this tale brings the story to life for all young children. This is the second book in the "Bird Stories" series. Young children will just fall in love with this special story.

The Heron and the Cow

52.00 ₪מחיר

    היי, אני בחופשה עד יום ד' ה-10 ביולי, הזמנות ספרים יטופלו מתאריך זה. חופשה נעימה גם לכן ולכם!   --- שלכם, תומר הסופרת והציירת

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