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The purple gnome lived in a beautiful purple cave on an island in the midst of the big blue sea. He loved the island and his cave, but felt lonely and decided to go on a journey to look for friends. On his way, he met the blue gnome, the green gnome, the yellow lady gnome, the orange lady gnome and the red lady gnome, and asked them if they would join him, which they did… Who is the white gnome and where does the purple gnome meet him? Why can the white gnome join the journey for only two days and nights? And who will the purple gnome save right before the end of his journey? Does he find any true friends on his way?In addition to giving your child a wonderful experience of the different colours and their relationships to each other, The Purple Gnome's Journey is tale of courage, love, and the joy of true friendship.Richly illustrated in watercolour, The Purple Gnome's Journey is suitable for all pre-school children, and those beginning to read by themselves. The tale will enrich your children or grandchildren’s lives – a beautiful and ideal gift for families.

The Purple Gnome's Journey

86.00 ₪מחיר

    היי, אני בחופשה עד יום ד' ה-10 ביולי, הזמנות ספרים יטופלו מתאריך זה. חופשה נעימה גם לכן ולכם!   --- שלכם, תומר הסופרת והציירת

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