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Nomy the Gnome
Lived all on his own
In his lovely white home
In the daisy.
He slept for some time
But didn’t feel fine,
For he didn't enjoy
Being so lazy…
When Nomy the little gnome woke up inside his flower-home, he suddenly felt sad to be all alone… so he decided to go out for a walk in the garden. Who did he meet on his way? And what did they do?
Young children will love this sweet story…. which is all about making the most of life and friendships, understanding our emotions, and learning when to seek out comfort from the people (or fairies!) we love all around us. Like every magical chidlren’s story, it begins a little sad, contains fun adventures and has a happy ending! Children will want to read it again and again, discovering and admiring its wonderful and colourful illustrations.

Nomy the little Gnome

52.00 ₪מחיר

    היי, אני בחופשה עד יום ד' ה-10 ביולי, הזמנות ספרים יטופלו מתאריך זה. חופשה נעימה גם לכן ולכם!   --- שלכם, תומר הסופרת והציירת

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